Website defends Criminal Code Section 377A, says it protects the public and prohibits ‘harmful’ behavior

Protect377A.SG website emerges, defending Criminal Code Section 377A

The controversy surrounding Section 377A was reignited recently when the Court of Appeal ruled that it would stay on the books, although not enforced.

Article 377A of the Criminal Code retained but not applied, the pink dot expresses its disappointment

Following this judgment, Protect377A.SGa website supporting the government’s decision to retain Section 377A has emerged.

Claiming its usefulness in protecting the general public, the website states that 377A helps maintain a “healthy” environment to raise the next generation.

Website claims Section 377A is good for Singapore

the Protect377A.SG The website lists four main reasons to support keeping Section 377A.

First, they believe that this law will “protect” Singapore from same-sex sexual relations, which they call “harmful behavior”.

According to them, Section 377A also affirms “national values ​​and public morals”. The website cites heterosexual unions as the “social ideal” and the “national norm.”

The website further claims that the existence of 377A allows various viewpoints to co-exist peacefully, and that LGBTQ+ people can “live freely in Singapore without threat to life or liberty” because of it.

Finally, they claim that 377A is the “first line of defense” against LGBTQ+ policy changes like the legalization of same-sex marriages. Its repeal would only “cause more men, women and children to become the victims of LGBTQ ideology.”

Considering the above points, the website calls on the government to keep Section 377A of the Penal Code. They also called for increased efforts to educate the public on national values ​​and morality.

Strong reactions to the claims of Protect377A.SG

When the website was shared on Reddit, Internet users seemed to have mixed opinions. A user, for example, identified very strongly with the views of Protect377A.SG.

Source: Reddit

Others disagreed and pointed out how Section 377A discriminates against gay people.

Source: Reddit

A gay man himself also spoke out against the website, sharing his own view. He pointed out that he felt personally attacked whenever something of this nature happened.

Additionally, he reiterated that gay couples already don’t experience the luxuries enjoyed by heterosexual couples. He called for compassion, understanding, love and acceptance of others.

website 377a

Source: Reddit

Singapore’s pursuit of equality continues

While it can be beneficial to share and discuss different points of view, we must not lose sight of the fact that the issues we discuss have real impacts on other people.

Ultimately, the government has the power to decide the laws for Singapore.

For now, it looks like the fight for greater acceptance and equality in Singapore will have to continue.

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Featured image adapted from Protect377A.SG.