The Hindu launches its first-ever Coupons and Deals section with Admitad WhiteLabel Networks

The Hindu has partnered with Admitad WhiteLabel Networks to launch its first ever coupons and deals sections for its audience to not only provide useful promo codes but also add values ​​and utility to current readers for a better cost-effective online shopping experience. In 2021, users saved over $1.5 million from promo codes they found on coupon pages WhiteLabel Networks had created for media outlets (including The Hindu). The service currently works with more than 1,500 brands and major media outlets.

WhiteLabel Networks’ coupon pages complement the 360-degree monetization strategy that Admitad tools offer media and bloggers. It boosts their revenue by offering various ways to earn not only on, but also with your audience – from the most convenient promo code pages created by the experts at WhiteLabel Networks to earning on affiliate links and promo codes on n’ any convenient platform. The Whitelabel team will only take care of the design and development of the section, creating and managing the content on a daily basis to include the best offers and coupons available from popular stores, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio and many more. others.

With the rapidly changing e-commerce segment and consumers changing their online shopping habits, there is a need for marketers to deliver the best deals and offers to their loyal customers in order to maintain a long-term relationship. According to data from Admitad, purchases of promo codes increased by 36% globally in 2021. White Label is becoming an important part of this equation where they not only provide coupons and offers, add value and usefulness to current readers and attract a significant number of new visitors. . It provides more opportunities for user engagement and creates a new revenue stream for publishers.

Faizan Ahmad, National Head of Digital Transformation (Recipe), The Hindu said of the association, “It is indeed good news that we have partnered with Admitad and its WhiteLabel Network service. To partner with a well-known e-commerce solution provider, Admitad seems terrific because of its expertise in discounts and coupons. Also, nowadays consumers prefer to save, so this section of coupons will benefit many of our readers. This collaboration will not only be limited to generating additional revenue, but will also provide high value-added services to users.”

Vladislav Gubin, who heads Admitad WhiteLabel Networks, believes that India is one of the fastest growing regions in affiliate marketing and smart shopping solutions, allowing retailers to control, but also measure and direct their activities to achieve their business goals.

Neha Kulwal, Country Manager, Admitad India said, “We are delighted to have partnered with The Hindu for WhiteLabel Networks. The main vision behind this partnership was to provide brands and cherry pickers with a platform with a win-win situation for both. A big advantage for brands would be campaign tracking through a unique coupon code. This partnership will help readers save more money while giving them a variety of brands to choose from.”

Admitad India has expanded its business activities as a global IT company and is offering new revenue-generating products for all online platforms to increase their chances of monetization through various channels.

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