Salary increase: the strike disrupts the work of dist, upazila admin

The administrative activities of various government offices at district and upazila level are disrupted as part of the staff abstained from work for two days to demand an upgrade of their salary steps.

Staff members, who mainly deal with paperwork in the offices of Deputy District Commissioners, Upazila Nirbahi Officers and Upazila (Land) Deputy Commissioners, also staged sit-ins at their premises under the banners of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Divisional Commissioner’s Office Staff Association. Collection Assistants Association.

They have threatened to continue the protests throughout this month unless the government changes their designation and upgrades their pay grade to 13 from 14 and 15.

About 12,500 staff members are organizing the protest, the association said.

Officials said the protests were severely hampering administrative work.

“If the work abstention continues, the activities in our offices will eventually come to a halt,” an UNO from the Dhaka branch told the Daily Star, wishing not to be anonymous.

Kazi Moniruzzaman, general secretary of the staff association, said they had been pushing for the demands for a long time, but to no avail.

He said that office assistants join the job at grade 16 of the 2015 national salary scale, but only a few of them are promoted to grade 10, which is equivalent to the salary scale of a second class officer. This creates frustration among staff members.

There are 20 grades under the National Salary Scale-2015. These grades are divided into four categories – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Years 1-9 fall under category 1, year 10 under category 2, years 11-16 under category 3, and the rest under category 4.

Moniruzzaman said there was a discrepancy between the salary scales of “tahsilder” and the staff members of the administrative section of the land offices, which upset them.

In January, the Ministry of Lands raised the pay scale for the deputy union land officer (tahsildar) and deputy union land officer (deputy tahsildar) from grade 16 to grade 17 at grades 11 and 12.

“Following the upgrade, a junior employee becomes a senior in the same office [AC land]. Former senior executives [in Grades 14 and 15] must now call their juniors “sir”. It’s humiliating,” Moniruzzaman said.

The association is now asking for a merger of the 14th and 15th years with the 13th year and the designation of staff members as “administrative officer” and “assistant administrative officer”.

On Tuesday, Dhaka Deputy Commissioner Shahidul Islam wrote to the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, informing him of the unrest among staff members.

This newspaper obtained a copy of the letter.

He says, “Although the staff members of the different departments under the same pay levels have been promoted, those who work in the district administration have not yet been promoted. They work at the same level, but they are paid. under a lower rank.

“Due to abstention from work throughout the day, the public service is greatly disrupted and a stalemate has arisen.”

The DC recommended improving their pay levels and changing their designations.

Speaking to this correspondent, another UN said there were many public events in March and the strike was hampering preparations.

“Also, haats and bazaars are rented out at this time of the year before the Bengali New Year’s Day [April 14]. I can’t do the work,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Nabirul Islam, additional secretary (administration wing) in the ministry of public administration, said the government was responsive to requests from staff members.

“The matter is under consideration. But I don’t know why they are observing the strike,” he told the Daily Star yesterday.

Nabirul yesterday held a meeting with the leaders of the association. At the meeting, the association was asked to withdraw its protest, sources at the meeting said.

However, association leaders said they would attend a meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter. “If the members of the association agree, we will withdraw the strike.”