NOTICE | The Senate and Judgment Day! | Views Section

The ink is not even dry from my previous op-ed that how the Senate tried to help the Governor gain “full authority to reprogram OUR budget using retirees in the same project law” was a prelude to what might happen. Well, it didn’t take long for us, the people-in-the-cheap-seats, to be telling the TRUTH in predicting what was to come and even the horrible CONSEQUENCES that WE, the People, must endure. I have no shame in my game, but Senate President Jude U. Hofschneider seems to have literally LOST-his-MIND or he really thinks WE the people are stupid. His bold stance as the “sole authority to adopt his kangaroo rules” is literally DARING Tinian voters, who can see his “skull with the rules”, to re-elect him. Senator Hofschneider and the Republicans have clearly put their political careers on the line FOR the Governor, not the Sad People! It is now clear that Tinian and the CNMI need NEW Tinian senators. These are the SAME Republican senators who HELPED KILL the casino and the economy of Tinian. It’s up to the voters of Tinian to do justice on Judgment Day by ‘voting blue to pass’ with ALL the ‘diversions, gaslighting, political trickery and corruption’!

The Senate politicking with the crazy rules they’ve made won’t fool anyone with common sense, even if Republicans don’t want to admit the rules are pathetic. Making matters worse, the Senate Speaker is already showing his “contempt for the minority senator” by trying to silence Senator Paul Manglona, ​​even from any comment. So disrespectful! You (Republicans) literally cut your political throats with ridiculous rules and now you DISRESPECT a fellow senator because he wants to “speak up and speak FOR the people”. You don’t deceive anyone with common sense, even your supporters must have a hard time continuing to “close your eyes”. It really should be clear to voters with an “objective eye” that this group of Republicans in the House and Senate only SERVED the “Personal Intentions of the Governor, NOT Justice or the People” – for TRUE! The Republican Party has morphed into “Torres’ Blind Loyalty Party” and the Senate President even brags about having ALL the power. Well, the Republicans may have all the power now, but that will change on Judgment Day!

Senators Hofschneider, Cruz and Sablan are really helping my humble plea to voters to get rid of ALL that bunch of Republicans and teach ALL of them a REAL lesson in political deceit “because they don’t know where your vote is going”. Voters are literally FORCED to dump the President of the Senate and his team of Republican senators for trying to get away with ‘helping the Governor get full rescheduling authority and now they’re literally trying to put the FIX-IN on THE TRIAL to acquit the Governor with kangaroo rules.These senators are deliberately committing miscarriages of justice in front of us, as WE the people are stupid, but the day of reckoning to ax these senators is fast approaching, thank goodness!

If you haven’t seen the photo of Senate Speaker Jude U. Hofschneider having some fun with the Governor, his running mate Vinnie and the DPS Commissioner recently, you need to check it out as it’s going viral on social media. The President of the Senate, who is SUPPOSED to be an HONORABLE man, apparently has no level of INTEGRITY as the chief juror in the trial. He sent a loud and clear message with the big smile on his face in the photo with the Governor that he has no intention of convicting the Governor. I’m sure no judge or juror would ever be caught PARTYING with the defendant at trial, but that’s exactly what just happened, making Justice a nasty JOKE!

This photo of Senator Hofschneider with the governor literally proves that he thinks voters are stupid if we expect to see the governor convicted.

I just want to THANK Senate President Jude U. Hofschneider for showing Republicans’ true colors and your intentions to implement the “Governor’s Personal Intentions on the Rule of Law and What is Fair and Just” . You guys (Republicans – Blind Eyed Arnold TOO) are all going to get the “political spanking of a lifetime” on Judgment Day. You are doing your “political power games” because you have ALL the power Senator Hofschneider is bragging about now. But voters can see how you abuse your power even trying to tell the House who they can use in the trial. I have NEVER heard of anyone being told which attorney they can or cannot use in a lawsuit. You’re not even fooling high school kids with this rule. But believe it or not, I really hope and urge you Republicans to keep going and even acquit the Governor to make sure voters are truly upset on Judgment Day, for TRUE! So just continue to be LOYAL to the Governor and have a good time with him because ALL your days are numbered to Poli-deceive in the name of the Governor’s Personal Intentions. After seeing these recent events with Republicans in the Senate, I’m sure the majority of US retirees and voters with common sense can’t wait to show you that WE are NOT stupid on Judgment Day! To be continued: One People, One Direction.

The author is an economist, political scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education member, James Madison Fellow (US Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.