Michelle Yeoh reveals what will make Section 31 something new for Star Trek

By Doug Norrie | 11 seconds ago

star trek, for better or worse, continues to develop its offering in a way that keeps it relatively in line with some of the other major franchises. It’s a testament to the durability of the brand over the many decades that it only seems to be in growth mode now. That meant movie and series announcements on the way with projects at different points in the production timeline. One of them is the project Rule 31 spin off of Star Trek: Discovery with Michelle Yeoh in the lead role. Although this series has been on the table for a while, the details around the series remain clearer at this point. But recently, Yeoh was able to give at least a small glimpse of what we might expect when he finally hits the small screen.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly (via Trek Movie), Michelle Yeoh discussed, in part, plans for Rule 31 and how the series could begin to take shape. Considering how much time has passed since the series was first announced, fans are right to wonder what, if anything, is happening in that direction. From this perspective, Yeoh was able to shed some light on what the plan looks like and what the overall tone of the series might be. It was February when Yeoh was doing press for his critically acclaimed film Everything, everywhere, all at once. Michelle Yeoh talked about Section 31 saying:

Section 31 is it (star trek) universe but different. It’s like Impossible mission meets guardians of the galaxy in the space.”

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This is an interesting take on the series plan from Michell Yeoh, especially given what we know about some of the other shows that are set in the star trek the universe of Paramount+ offers right now. I don’t think anyone would describe the recent attempts at stories and series within the franchise along those lines, meaning the pre-production talks and plans for Rule 31 definitely take on something of a different tone. And considering that this planned and proposed series is a spin-off of Discovery, that would seem to make it incredibly different from that program.

But since Section 31, as an organization and group, is a secret outfit, performing missions a bit different than normal star trek fare, it makes sense on a high level for creators to think of a series in this way. From that perspective, let’s hope Michelle Yeoh’s description matches the comparisons. The franchise could use this type of injection.

Michelle Yeoh was first introduced on Star Trek: Discovery like Philippa Georgiou the captain of the USS Shenzhou. But she didn’t last long in this iteration, getting killed in the first episode. But Yeoh’s Georgiou would later return as his Mirror Universe counterpart, a much more violent and powerful version of the character. It is this Georgiou who is going to be the leader in Rule 31 if that ever happens.

Original plans were for the series to be in production already, but that’s clearly not the case. The other Discovery spin off Strange new worlds is slated to premiere on May 5. We are still waiting when we will officially see Michelle Yeoh in Section 31. We are still probably a few years away.