‘Illegal’ section of building razed in Moradabad Civil Lines | News from Meerut

The Moradabad Development Authority (MDA) on Friday razed several illegal constructions, including part of a three-storey building belonging to the Chadha group, which encroached on roads in the civil lines area.
Officials said the three-story building, consisting of nine apartments, was being built without the required permit or an approved plan. MDA Subdivision Magistrate Prabuddha Singh had issued a notice a month ago citing that the construction had been carried out without an approved map, and asked the owner to vacate the premises. The MDA’s advice, however, was ignored and construction of the building continued.
Speaking to TOI, an official from Govind Sahakari Samiti, a wing of the Chadha Group which deals with construction activities, said, “The land was allocated by the government and MDA had approved the map in 2014. Now, they discovered that a section of the building was under construction against the approved plan, following which it was razed.” MDA Vice Chairman Madhusudan Nagaraj Hulgi said, “The building was built without a permit or map approved by the authorities, therefore the court ordered the demolition of the illegal construction.