Health and Wellness, with David Jack

On this week’s Family Section episode, the guys start the show by discussing their own experiences with health and wellness. How it has evolved over time with everything we know now from their childhood and how they are trying to use that knowledge to improve the health of their own family.

In the second half they are joined by David Jack, he is one of the most recognized sports performance and fitness coaches in the world, David Jack is an industry leader and consultant for major brands and publications such as Reebok, Rodale, Men’s Health and Women’s Health. He’s been on the Katie Couric Show, done corporate gigs, has a line of men’s health fitness DVDs, worked with some of the top professional and college athletes.
The guys dive into David’s past, how he got started, his local connections, his own experience as an athlete and how he was able to turn his passion into a career.
David has an infectious attitude and vision for health and wellness. He shares his thoughts on family fitness, balancing a hectic work-life balance while trying to stay as healthy as possible. He also talks about the ups and downs of fitness and how everyone’s health is different.