Five-stop section of the Blue Line taken offline for repairs

An MBTA Blue Line train arrives at State Street Station. Photo of Derek Yu | Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

More than 25,000 Blue Line riders will have to swap their subway trains for shuttles for nearly two weeks in April during MBTA’s latest large-scale shutdown aimed at speeding up the pace of maintenance work.

The T will take trains between Bowdoin and Maverick offline April 2-14, MBTA chief executive Steve Poftak has announced, during which crews will replace approximately 1,800 feet of track, inspect tunnels, install fiber cables optics, repair signals and more.

During this period, the T will offer shuttle routes as alternatives for Blue Line riders, including express and local options. The Bowdoin stop will not have shuttle or train access, and trains will continue to run between the airport and the Blue Line terminus at Wonderland. Other affected Blue Line stations include Maverick, Aquarium, State and Government Center.

In May 2020, the agency also diverted Blue Line riders to buses with “roughly the same configuration,” Poftak said.

In recent years, the MBTA has embraced closures of major subway line segments, trading short-term inconvenience on riders to complete repairs and upgrades in less time than would be needed with weekends and nights only.

Officials are still deciding what other substantial diversions to make during 2022, Poftak said.

“I know nobody likes diversions,” Poftak said. “It’s a lot of work to do. But that’s really the difference for us in terms of how are we going to make this work. It’s extraordinarily difficult to do the kind of work this system needs in two or three hour windows, overnight, over time. Having access around the clock for long periods of time allows us to get a ton of work done. »