CR conducts annual inspection on Igatpuri – Kalyan section

Central Railways (CR) General Manager Anil Kumar Lahoti carried out the annual inspection on Igatpuri – Kalyan section of the Mumbai Division on March 6, 2022.

The general manager started the inspection from Igatpuri station. In Igatpuri, he inspected the railway hospital, the filter house, a water recycling plant to use it for gardening and other purposes after treatment. Then he visited Rajbhasha exhibition and inaugurated Hindi library and also visited medical, operation, safety, mechanical and electrical coaching booths. He also inspected the PRS and booking office, crew hall, locker room, practice coach, made from a scrapped coach during the annual inspection.

The coach is used to upgrade the knowledge of all personnel, which improves maintenance and reliability; and refreshment room, etc. He then visited the bio toilet evolution model from direct discharge (open defecation) to vacuum bio toilet. The bio-toilets have made it possible to clean the tracks and the premises of the stations and to increase the life of the tracks. He also inaugurated an herb garden and a solar-powered rolling hut. He also inspected the solar power installation at Igatpuri Hospital, Igatpuri Station and Kasara Station.

The Ghat section between Igatpuri and Kasara known as Thull Ghat is a critical section. The General Manager visited the specially delegated Hill Gang No. 2 in the Ghat sections and saw the protests. Then he inspected Gang No.12 and interacted with Gangmen. In addition, he inspected the remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance system for signals and telecommunications.

The general manager then inspected tunnel no. 2C and curve no. 17 between TGR-2 and TGR-3. He then carried out the inspection of the Rotanda Girder Bridge, a major bridge between TGR-3 and Kasara.

In Kasara, the General Manager reviewed the Kasara Yard renovation plan posted by the construction organization and the station development works to be carried out by MRVC. He also visited Engineering EMU, Signal and Telecommunications, Commercial stall and EMU stabling barding in Kasara. Next, he inspected LC Gate No. 69, Tambadmal Traction Substation and TRD stall as well as the RUB at LC No. 68 between Atgaon and Asangaon.

At Asangaon Railway Station, the General Manager inspected the Railway Colony, the new RPF barracks and reported a new RPF vehicle for patrol. He also visited the stands of staff, shops, the Kalyan electric and diesel locomotive shed and the environmental management and housekeeping department.

At Vasind, Lahoti inspected the cargo loading point – the siding of Jindal Steel Works. Tree planting also took place at Vasind station. At the end, Shri Lahoti performed a sprint between Vasind and Titwala.

Shalabh Goel, Divisional Director of Railways, Mumbai Division, Principal Heads of Departments and Branch Officers of the division were also present during the inspection.

All COVID-19[female[feminine protocols were observed during the inspection.