Central Railway to construct a metro between Kalwa-Mumbra on the suburban section

The central railway decided to build a metro between Kalwa-Mumbra, one of the most sensitive places in the suburban section of CR. Before the lockdown, around 10 to 11 cases of intruder runovers were reported each year between these two stations.

According to sources, a pedestrian bridge (FOB) was planned by MRVC 3 years ago between these two stations. Work did not start although some bhoomipujan was done by a local chief. As the issue was raised 3 months ago, the site was inspected by CR engineers. As the height of FOB would have been more than nine meters due to the inclination of the west side; that’s why this subway was planned. It will probably be completed before the monsoon.

“In view of the change in alignment of the 5th and 6th line corridor from Thane to Diva, the FOB proposal was reconsidered by the railways. It was observed that due to local conditions and the standoff distance required for AC pull, FOB with height up to 30ft will be required which is likely to remain underutilized,” a CR officer said.

There is a waterway bridge to the tunnel about 300m away from the location of the intrusion.

This bridge is dry outside the monsoon period and used by residents as a metro.

Instead of tresspass, until the railroads build a new subway, residents can walk a bit to this bridge and use it to save their precious lives

The new pedestrian metro will be 25.90 meters long. The estimated cost of this metro will be around Rs 1.77 crore. It will cater to the rapid line up and down. The compilation target is June 30, 2020

Former residents of the Retibunder slums have claimed that the number of deaths and injuries when crossing the railway tracks is on the rise, as fast trains pass through the section at much higher speeds than slow local trains. Hence the increased need for a pedestrian bridge or underpass to facilitate connectivity between lanes. According to local residents, since the opening of the new lines, local trains and long-distance express mail trains enter the section without slowing down, unlike earlier when they slowed down near Mumbra. This caused panic among the residents of the neighborhood. (between Kalva Mumbra)

Posted: Wednesday February 23rd 2022, 8:10 PM IST