Barrier section outside Marina Bay MRT station removed as more workers return to office: LTA

SINGAPORE – Workers in the Marina Bay area will no longer have to climb a barrier to avoid a long detour when exiting or entering the Marina Bay MRT station.

The barrier, which was installed three years ago to prevent motorbikes from illegally parking on the ground outside the MRT station, was partially removed earlier this month.

This had forced commuters to either take a two-minute detour to reach a level crossing at Marina Way or go through the barrier.

The partial removal of the barrier, following a complaint on social media platform TikTok on April 5, had sparked discussions about whether a new barrier would be reinstated.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in response to questions that it would build a new footpath by the middle of the year in the section where the barrier was removed.

“In anticipation of the expected return of more office workers with the relaxation of safe management measures, we have recently removed some of the barriers along Marina Way to make way for a footpath,” said one. LTA spokesperson.

“This provides pedestrians with an alternative and shorter route to cross the road.”

Administrative executive Ted Ng, 37, who works in the Marina Bay area, said removing the barrier had made his daily commute much more convenient.

“I have never climbed the barrier because it is difficult to climb while wearing a suit,” Mr Ng said. “I always have to do a huge lap around the barrier, which wastes time.”

The volume of pedestrians regularly climbing over the barrier had caused a bald patch to form on the grass leading up to it.

Path is an example of a desire line, which refers to an unplanned route or path that is used by pedestrians in preference to a designated alternative.

The barrier came into the spotlight after TikTok user @ugoahboy’s video, which has over 230,000 views to date.